Aria to Zoe

Northern Lights Gallery’s sister business Aria to Zoe – Personalized initial and birthstone jewelry – perfect for moms, grandmas, bridesmaids, Mother’s Day, birthdays…any occasion when you want someone to truly feel special. Available in-store exclusively at Northern Lights Gallery, or shop online below from the comfort of your own home. We do all the gift wrapping and shipping for you!

The true meaning behind gift giving: your appreciation for that person. The not-so-fun details of shopping for and sending a gift can make it feel like a chore, another item on a to-do list. At Aria to Zoe, you enjoy the process and create something unique to the individual it is intended for. We want your loved ones to feel appreciated, and for you to have fun letting them know they are!

Check out the Aria to Zoe blog for articles about the history of birthstones, meanings behind the stones, and other topics.

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