Safe Travels & Ancient Blood Clotting Methods

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January babies enter the world when it’s fresh and new, and everyone is making resolutions (that they may or may not actually keep.) It has been said that this month’s birthstone, garnet, will increase self-image, willpower, and energy levels. Should help you actually go to the gym every day and quit smoking! In all seriousness, garnet represents regeneration, which is very fitting as we transition from an old year into a new one.

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The ancient Egyptians considered the garnet to be a symbol of life. In 3rd and 4th century Rome, warriors wore garnet as a protective talisman against death and injury. Various legends claim that wearing garnet ensures success, health, wealth, and eternal happiness! Garnet is also said to keep travelers safe. If that fails, garnet can still help! Ancient medicine men used to place garnets inside of open wounds to stop bleeding and aid in clotting. Yikes…

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Garnets come in an array of colors. Actually, the widest range of hues for any stone: orange, green, yellow, brown, black, purple, pink, colorless, and (most rarely) blue. The most common color for garnet is a rich red tone. In fact, the name “garnet” is derived from the Latin word “granatum,” meaning “pomegranate,” the fruit which contains deep red glimmering seeds.

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